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December 02 2020 - 20:14 PM

Hello dear community,


I'm Andreas, your admin and operator of

Here I would like to briefly introduce myself to you.


Who am I? :

My main job is a craftsman.

I also played World of Warcraft many years ago, albeit with a longer break.


My hobbies:

At some point I also became interested in programming, scripting and creating servers.

I'm just scratching the surface in such a complex world of programming languages, but I still enjoy it.

In this context, I hosted this private server as a project and created and modified / expanded its website on the basis of templates.

This means that I am not available to solve problems every day or at any time.


At the moment I am performing alone, but of course I have contacts who indirectly support me in the project here.

I am posting information about the server in a separate topic.

I'm looking forward to every new member and I just hope you enjoy playing "World of Warcraft".


Please use our Discoord channel (malo) to contact us.


Your Malorley

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